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CIRI Induction Course

The CIRI Induction course is one of the requirements for any construction company, contractor, builder or sole trader who wishes to be listed on the construction register.  It has been designed to explain the register and the application process to anyone who is in the process of registering or who is just looking for more information about CIRI. 

Among the topics covered are the CIRI Code of Practice, details about the various documents required to submit an application and the ongoing responsibilities for those who are listed on the register.  The course is targeted at company owners, directors, senior management or sole traders of any business looking to be listed on CIRI.  Other employees of the business may attend if nominated by their company. 

Only applicants who have completed the CIRI Induction course are considered for CIRI registration.

Course Information

Course Fee: The fee for the CIRI Induction course is €50 per attendee.  

Duration: Course times vary. Most courses begin at 9am and run to approximately 12pm, but please check individual courses for variation.

CIRI Induction Course Booking