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CIRI is delighted to announce that the CIRI online induction is now available on line. Starting December 7th, this new online course is open to people who wish to join CIRI. This online course is targeted at company owners, directors, senior management or sole traders of any business who are looking to be listed on CIRI.

The mandatory course as part of the CIRI registration requirement, explores the obligations as a member under the CIRI Code of Ethics, details the various documents required to submit with an application, and looks at the assessment and review procedures by the CIRI Admissions and Registration Board (CARB). The course also goes through the requirements of CPD as a member and any other ongoing obligations.

This online course has an interactive feature that requires the participant to answer questions and obtain a pass mark before being considered for registration.

Participants can take the course at any time, and it has a save feature that allows participants to pick up where they left off if they can’t take the course in one sitting.

Register and take the CIRI induction course today by comlpeting the booking form below.

The fee for this CIRI induction course is €50 per participant.

CIRI Induction Course Online

N.B. PLease ensure you click the submit button once only.

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